il sentire dell'occhio in Czech Republic!

il sentire dell'occhio (The Hearing of the Eye), short live action/stop motion animation experimental documentary hybrid that explores death through a post-humanist lens, will screen next week in Prague (May 16-17) at Zlatý voči 2018 (Zázemí Bartolomĕjská 13, 11000 Prague, Czech Republic)

Nashville Film Festival

The selection of Onikuma for the 49th Nashville Film Festival marks the 15th official selection for the hybrid short film! The short will screen in Nashville May 12-13 in the "A Whole Weird World" section. Info here.

Corti a Palazzo 2018

Onikuma will be screening on March 24 in Verona (Italy) for the fourth edition of "Corti a Palazzo", a showcase of film productions from the Veneto region.

Torino Film Festival

I am super happy to announce that, for the second year in a row, my work has been selected to be part of the Torino Film Festival (Italy). Last year Onikuma qualified to be part of the short section (Italiana.corti) while this year my new experimental piece il sentire dell'occhio {the hearing of the eye} qualified. Looking forward to present my film in Torino on November 30.

The screenings will take place at Cinema Massimo in via Verdi 18, Torino on:

Nov 30 @ 7pm

Dec 1 @ 9.30am

Dec 2 @ 10pm