Onikuma is Japanese yokai, a demon bear known for chasing horses.

Surrounded by a foreign landscape, two women will understand that demons can come in different forms.

Genre: Experimental Narrative


Special Jury Award - 9 Wordless International Short Film Festival, Sydney, Australia + Qazvin, Iran


Official Selection


4 San Diego Underground Film Festival, San Diego, CA

7 Oak Cliff Film Festival, Dallas, TX

4 Mammoth Lakes Film Festival, Mammoth Lakes, CA

49 Nashville Film Festival, Nashville, TN, USA

66 Columbus Film and Animation Festival, Columbus, OH, USA

4 Corti a Palazzo, Verona, Italy

24 Slamdance Film Festival, Park City, UT, USA


34 Torino Film Festival, Italy

19 Ismailia Film Festival, Egypt

13 Lago Film Festival, Italy

4 Women Media Arts and Film Festival, Sydney, Australia

9 Wordless International Short Film Festival, Sydney, Australia + Qazvin, Iran

34 Tehran International Film Festival

39 Festival Internazionale Cinema e Donne, Firenze, Italy

9 Roma FilmCorto Fest, Roma, Italy

2 Ferrara - RomaFilmCorto, Ferrara, Italy

4 Roxie Mixtape - Roxie Theater, San Francisco, CA, USA




63 Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

Globo d'Oro 2016-2017

10 First Time Female Contest - Women and Hollywood



Santa Cruz Arts Council Development Grant 2017


Woman who Killed... Sandy Siquier

Woman with Mirror... Sarineh Garapetian

Dying Man... Jacob Riddle



Director... Alessia Cecchet

Cinematography ... Alessia Cecchet

Costume Designer... Paul Capotosto

Production... Carlton Daniel Jr.

Animation Consultant... Josh Tuthill

Animation.... Alessia Cecchet

Sound Recording... Josh Tuthill

Camera Assistant... Ash Lu

Sound design and score... Nigel Li

Editing... Alessia Cecchet